Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Security, Safety, Aesthetics. Landscape Lighting has a number of benefits that will add value to your home. There is no other service which beautifies the home more than exterior lighting: great lighting design will emphasize a great garden, or improve an otherwise dull one. With the advent of LED lighting, there has never been a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way to add long term value to your property.

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Objective of Design

Security. Landscape Lighting expands the rooms of living areas out beyond the front door. While you get to enjoy your outdoor space during the day with barbecues, relaxation areas, or pool and spa areas, we lose half that time when night falls. Especially in winter, when dusk happens as early as 4:00pm, wouldn't you want to double the amount of usable time to enjoy your space? Landscape lighting allows you to expand your entertainment area to include after dark hours. Imagine coming home after a long days' work to find your home standing out amongst the neighbourhood, with area lighting, step lighting and downlighting providing a safe beacon leading right to your front door. Furthermore, a well-lit home will deter potential intruders.

Safety. Outdoor landscape lighting in the Pacific Northwest uses electricity, and electrification is a major risk for regular 120V outdoor lighting systems. Low voltage lighting is a solution, negating the amount of risk that medium and high voltage systems possesses, and a transformer should always be used for your lighting system. Always install the wiring with the transformer switched OFF and the cord unplugged. If you are unsure, have a professional install the lighting system to ensure the safety of all those admiring and entering your home.

Low Voltage LED landscape lighting Small 4 light Installation in North Vancouver for address lighting.

Functionality. Typically a residential landscape should be divided into the public (Front Yard) and private (Back Yard) space. Lighting fixtures and choices should complement this overall design. Achieving the right look will take some trial and error, as well as moving the fixtures in place once you have selected a design. It is always good to set up the lights without burying the wiring, and adjust them once night falls to ensure the best possible placement for the lights. The installation can them be buried the next morning once you are happy with the results.

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Remember: Before you begin any installation, make sure to get some information regarding your local electrical regulations. The requirements for low voltage and line voltage may also be different. Consult your local authorities or seek professional help if necessary.

Landscape Lighting Fixtures

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LED: Whats the deal?


GREEN INSTALLATION - We use commercial grade materials in our installations that are backed by the best warranty in the business. We only install LED lamps because they use less electricity than traditional Halogen lights.

There is a big difference in quality between the lights we source and lights you can find at Home Depot. Those and other big box retailers often stock cheap, made in China lights with plastic housing. This system will look fine the first 6 months, but the cheaper material is not made to withstand the rainy weather of our Coast. Over time, the plastic housing will break down and water will get into the electrical parts of the system, causing electrical failure. There are premium metal alloy, copper, and brass constructed fixtures that resist corrosion, and technology is so advanced that there are lifetime warranties that are offered on the best products. We only install high quality fixtures for our lighting systems.

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