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Carleton Landscaping has been an innovator in both plant design and naturescaping. Not only do we work towards low maintenance, eco friendly plants, we use native plantings whenever possible. We source plants from several local nurseries that are often organic and spray free. We also hand collect seeds to use in our landscaping needs when possible.

Commercial and strata One time Clean up Maintenance

Garden Planting Services we Offer

  • Native Plantings. We offer site evaluations of your property to select the best native plants for your garden based on soil, light conditions and water requirements. We can provide recommendations and design services for preferences such as wildlife value, color, fragrance, berries, etc.
  • Low Maintenance Plantings. We offer natural meadow planting plans that are highly popular in contemaporary gardens. These naturalistic meadows work with nature by being heavily planted, using up all soil to prevent weeds from invading. This is a natural green mulch system that the adventurous garden lover may opt for. More information.
  • Traditional Border/Hedge Planting. Privacy and aesthetic purposes can be achieved with uniform hedges and border plantings. We offer the knowledge to get full, healthy growing hedges at any desired height. We have the expertise for you to choose a hedge that fits your maintenenace requirements, maximum height and look.
  • Wildlife and songbird plantings. We can give design tips and ideas for gardens that will boost biodiversity, wildlife and songbird counts. We are deeply passionate about creating gardens that benefit both gardeners and the environment, and can provide a specific planting plan unique to your home
  • Invasive plant removal such as Blackberry, English Ivy, etc.
  • Proper disposal of green waste from wind and storm damage

Garden Planting